Pump System Maintenance

What is Pump System Maintenance? 

In order to ensure sufficient water supply is delivered to buildings all over the world, water pumps are involved for both clean and black water. With constant employment of pumping systems in the building, just like having a car, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure constant operational readiness of systems. Thus, pump system maintenance is actually vital for continuity of a business. 

Why do Pump System Maintenance

Pump system operational readiness has close relations with continuity and sustainability of the building. Thus, only with pump system maintenance will allow operational readiness that prevents or eliminates unnecessary breakdowns that can be catastrophic. 

Inadequate active maintenance resulted in X condominium to suffer water interruption during the festive period. Upon investigation, it was due to a poorly maintained pumping system that resulted in operational failure. Managing Agent resulted to contact PUB for water truck services and to have residents to come by with buckets for water collection.

Image from PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency Facebook, April 202

Flash floods occurrence has been a common occurrence and on the rise in the past few years. Intense rainfall is on the rise and even more since the past 40 years (Audrey, April 2021, Straits Times). Thus, government has been trying to develop mitigation against climatic change and everyone else plays a part too.

Buildings with storm water dewatering sump pump systems are a norm and PUB has been putting emphasis to ensure proper maintenance of equipment to be done. With ample and quality maintenance, it ensures rainwater gets drained off from the premises as soon as it reaches the operational level. This aids to prevents flooding from occurring and that can result in equipment and financial damages caused by it.

When to do Pump System Maintenance

Just like regular car servicing and annual health check, pump systems in a building do need regular servicing and health-check too. Quarterly pump system maintenance is essential to have a clear understanding of system’s condition.

Pump systems are made up of different components from valves, pumps, strainers to controllers, drives and PLC. All these components plays a part to keep the system up and running.

A system’s total failure will not usually occur overnight. It always starts with a small issue (i.e. faulty check valve) and snowball down to a total system failure in months to come as equipment will not be able stop operation that leads to premature wear and tear.      

How to do Pump System Maintenance

Regular pump system servicing can be done with just a call away. NKH Fluid Engineering is well-equipped with engineers and technicians armed with competent skillsets to maintain pump systems and also troubleshoot when necessary. In addition, NKH Fluid Engineering Pte Ltd provides 24hour round-the-clock emergency response when needed.

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For Engineers who like to move the limits.

CR 95, CR125, CR155
For Engineers who like to move the limits.

The new generation of large Grundfos CR pumps introduces world-class efficiency upgrades, new features and three new flow sizes up to 320 m3/h.

More reliable
The new generation of large CR pumps has been made even more robust than its forerunners through use of state-of-the-art technology in simulation-design, materials, testing and production. And with the addition of predictive monitoring, the new Grundfos CRs will become virtually unstoppable.

More cost-efficient
With its optimized hydraulic design – from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve and diffuser – the new generation of Grundfos CR offers world class energy efficiency. Due to its small footprint, it is much easier and less costly to install than other pump designs.

More options
The new generation adds even more options to what was already the most modular pump program in the world – including higher pressure, lower NPSH and the use of standard motors. And of course, the new CRs are also available as combined systems with dedicated CUE frequency converter and as boosters systems.

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