NKH Proprietary Controllers

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NKH Water Level Controller

• Aids to ensure water level requirement inside the storage tank to be sufficient for water supply.
• Installed locally to ensure pump system and owners to have sufficient water supply for daily consumption. If necessary, to request for more water from transfer water storage tank.

NKH Auto Change-over Controller

• To allow pumps to automatically conduct a change-over of operation once pump stops activity.
• Supports pump system operations by ensuring continuity when 1 pump fails.
• Extends pumps overall lifespan by reducing wear and tear through operations..

NKH BP-3 PLC Controller

• Proprietary PLC Controller that eliminates complicated wirings and relays thus reducing physical footprint of control panel enclosure.
• Able to communicate and control up to 3 pumps to operate and provide sufficient support to pumps operation.
• Widely used for conventional starting panels in Singapore and systems build for overseas application.